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A fast and reliable Internet connection is of paramount importance to all of the services provided by PCextreme. We therefore have a modern redundant network. Additionally, our peerings guarantee optimum connectivity and speed across the globe.

Our routers are arranged in a redundant configuration and are connected to the outside world with multiple gigabit connections. If any of our routers were to break down, traffic would be redirected via one of the other routers. We are connected to well-known hubs such as AMS-IX and NL-IX, as well as high-quality transit providers such as Global Crossing, Interoute, Cogent and Tata.

The AMS-IX facilitates physical connections with practically all Internet providers in the Netherlands. This guarantees a fast, stable connection from computers at our customers’ homes and offices.



Our routers are arranged in a redundant configuration so that there will be no disruptions to the network in the event of an unexpected failure. This applies equally to our power supply..

Quality network

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Our routers, core switches and switches make use of high-quality Brocade equipment. As a result, our network offers extensive overcapacity.


IPv6 Netwerk

Our network offers native support for IPv6. This means that we are fully prepared for the future, when we will be faced with a shortage of IPv4 addresses.