Aurora Compute prices & instances

During a period of four hours you can deploy one instance of choice for testing purposes, without obligation. When you're not completely satisfied with the service, simply remove the instance and we won't even bill you a penny.

Basic 512

Basic 1024

Premium 1024

Premium 2048

Premium 4096

Premium 8192

Premium 16384

Premium 24576

What makes Aurora Compute different?

  • All data replicated 3 times

    In order to keep the availability of your data as high as possible, every object is replicated three times on the cloud platform, distributed over various nodes on physically separated racks. For every gigabyte in use, you're actually using three.

  • Open and accessible

    Instances are billed daily, you're not bound by a contract, you can upload your own ISO's and should you not be fully satisfied, you're able to download your instance to go wherever you please.

  • Fully redundant platform

    Everything is fully redundant, our cloud is spread across multiple racks, has A + B feeds, dual power connections, multiple uplinks, self healing storage nodes, no single-point-of-failures and every instance is high available.

Our open source powerhouses:

  • Apache CloudStack

    Apache CloudStack is the software we use for the deployment of your instances. PCextreme actively participates in the CloudStack community and gladly contributes as a committer since 2011.

  • Ceph

    Ceph is the distributed filesystem of the Aurora Compute platform. The filesystem ensures the integrity of data, can pretty much scale to infinity and beyond and is one of our 'secret' ingredients.

  • KVM

    KVM is the virtualization layer of Aurora Compute. KVM makes it possible to install any desired operating system on your instance and also offers a high degree of safety and performance.

Available operating systems:

  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • FreeBSD
  • Idera
  • openSUSE
  • Ubuntu
  • Zentyal

...or upload your own ISO / template

What's in the box?

  • Powerful API present
  • Realtime deployment
  • Always scalable
  • Upload ISO's and templates
  • High Availability
  • Fast tier 1 network

    • Powerful API present

      Rather build your own software to deploy or scale your instances automatically? With the API you'll have all the functionalities we use in our control panel at your fingertips.

    • Realtime deployment

      Within seconds your desired instance is online, 24 hours a day. With a press of a button your instance is created and ready to be configured and used for your computing needs.

    • Always scalable

      Your instance is always ready to scale realtime using the control panel, app or API. Perfect for when you outgrow the limits of your instance, a busier period is on the horizon or to scale back for a calmer period.

    • Private ISO's and templates

      In addition to our own selection of operating systems, you are able to deploy your instance with your own template based on a QCOW2 image or your own ISO.

    • High availability

      Premium instances are HA by default, meaning that whenever the node on which your instance resides goes offline, your istance will be automatically transferred to another node in the network.

    • Fast tier 1 network

      Each instance is connected to the PCextreme network with a 200 Mbit connection. The available traffic starts at 1 TB and can rise to 20 TB in the case of a 24 GB instance.