High Availability
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High Available Cloud instances, built for integrity and scalability.




Distributed SSD & Hybrid Storage Tiers

Up to 100 MB/S
3x data replication
Scalable up to 1 TB



Simple Cloud instances, built for speed and distributed applications.




100% Local SSD Storage

Up to 500 MB/S
Single data copy
Scalable up to 50 GB



Simple Cloud instances, built for speed and distributed applications.

Local SSD storage

Your Agile instance runs from an extremely fast local SSD, for maximum speed. With just a 20 or 50 GB disk, the choice is easy to make.

Single data copy

The disk of your Agile instance is saved on the SSD of the server where the instance is running from.

SSD's are reliable and seldomly fail, should this however happen then it's important that you've created proper backups to minimize the impact.

No High Availability

High Availability is not possible with an Agile instance.

  • Powerful API present

    Rather build your own software to deploy or scale your instances automatically? With the API you'll have all the functionalities we use in our control panel at your fingertips.

  • Realtime deployment

    Within seconds your desired instance is online, 24 hours a day. With a press of a button your instance is created and ready to be configured and used for your computing needs.

  • Powered by CloudStack

    CloudStack is the software behind Aurora Compute and allows you to deploy instances on our physical servers. CloudStack is fully open source and is maintained by hundreds of developers, including ourselves.

  • Private ISO's and templates

    In addition to our own selection of operating system templates and ISO's, you are able to deploy your instance with your own templates based on a QCOW2 image or any ISO's you uploaded.

  • High availability

    Stamina instances are high available by default, meaning that whenever the node on which your instance resides goes offline, your istance will be automatically transferred to another node in the network.

  • Fast tier 1 network

    Each instance is connected to the PCextreme network with at least a 500 Mbit connection, ensuring good connectivity. The available traffic starts at 1 TB and can rise up to 10 TB.

Organized control panel

Rather first check things out before you commit? No problem, simply create an account and take a look. When you're ready to roll just activate your account and start deploying your instances with ease. By the way, the first four hours are always on the house!

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Aurora Compute is built for developers, by developers

Automate tasks and integrate Aurora Compute using our powerful API.

Due to the support of Cloud-init userdata, deploying a server is mere child's play.

IPv6 always available

Every Aurora instance, both Stamina and Agile, will have an IPv6 address allocated after deployment.

Even new zones we're adding in the future will come equipped with a default IPv6 connection.